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At Filltex, we aim for zero waste

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond the manufacturing process

The non-woven manufacturing process is an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional textile weaving. This method allows the production of lightweight, durable, and economical materials without the need for the high water and energy consumption associated with traditional textile manufacturing processes.

Additionally, nonwoven materials are often recyclable and biodegradable, making them a sustainable option for the modern textile industry. With their advantages in terms of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, nonwoven materials are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of sectors, from packaging to medical and hygiene products.

At Filltex we have designed our factory to limit waste, water usage and energy consumption. We are committed to be environmentally responsible, encouraging lean waste management and reducing energy usage in all areas of our activities. We have a goal for zero waste and implemented waste recycling process where off cuts of polyester are recycled into our blend. Our packaging materials are recycled, we use bulk buying and shipping via sustainable channels reducing our impact on the environment. Our sustainability policy outlines Filltex commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, and provide targets to reduce our emissions output through usings electric vehicles in our fleet.

"Together we're stewarding a sustainable tomorrow"